Tennis for kids

Tennis for kids we divide into groups:
Mini tennis, that involves kids in ages 4 to 7. This involves fun games on a tennis court with elements of tennis. Munchkin tennis introduces kids to movement and ball skills, improves eye to ball contact and develops greater motor skills. The aim of Mini tennis is to show parents how they can expose their youngsters to the skills of tennis so that it is fun and enjoyable for both. In this way, to make them continue the sport in the future. Therefore it is very important that current experience is very positive. Delayed gratification is not in their mind. Enjoyment must occur now, not later after results. So Mini tennis is especially fun games and tennis basics.
Second group are kids in ages 7 to 9. Classes of this age group is a continuation of mini tennis aims. Enjoyment is still a very important issue. However approach towards kids is a little different. More repetitive drills are common and thanks for pedagogical approach kids are required to access some skills. It is dependent of course on the kids age and skills. We pay attention especially on getting the right position to the ball and making the proper swing with the racket.
Third group are kids in ages 9 to 12. Kids acquire basic tennis skills, that lead them to consistent play, and there we focus on proper technical tennis style and learning to hit in different directions. We learn how to determine the tractory of the ball concerning the distance to the net and deepness of a court. Thanks for a wide variety of drills and play from the baseline our tennis player becomes a complete player.
Fourth group are kids in ages 12 to 17. Not forgetting about constant footwork that we imply since the beginning, we focus on consistent play. We tend to work on strategy play and strength of a hit. That implies more baseline play.


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