Welcome for a energetic squash session ! 

If you are a squash fan, or want to get to know this sport, we invite you to try it with us. If your squash partner is unavailable our trainer will be happy to play with you at all times.

Squash is a sport where we can release the tension and exercise dynamic shots. It’s a perfect occasion to  work on your reflex and physical condition. If you are already doing some other sport it’s not a problem to try additionally a new and interesting sport. Its not every day you get a chance to hit a ball coming from four directions.

Strengh doesn’t play a main role here, but also finesse and intuition. Therefore it’s a fun game for everybody.


Sign up for a squash game with tennis trainer Daniel Prokopiuk to have fun! Squash games are possible in Mokotów Warszawianka, or Silva Sport near Puławska.




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